Why Independent Dental Hygiene?

At Heritage Dental Hygiene, we are always asking ourselves:

What can we do to keep the client-centered care in dental hygiene treatment?

Here’s how we do it:

  • We encourage you to come to your appointment early to settle into our office
  • We seat you at a table to complete your forms
  • We schedule extra time to prepare so we are on time and don’t keep you waiting
  • We take the time to hear your story, concerns, and considerations so we can get to know you and offer a client-centered experience
  • We play relaxing, commercial-free music during your appointment
  • We offer you a neck support cushion for comfort in the chair
  • We provide individual disinfected protective sunglasses to each of our clients to help your eyes relax during your appointment
  • We offer you a mini lip balm to moisten your lips during your appointment
  • We offer reverse osmosis water from the Water Superstore for that tickle or a cough that can come during your appointment
  • We offer you a warm wipe after your appointment and the mirror so you can assess your smile before you leave
  • We have a handy online scheduling software that allows you to manage your appointments online at any time
  • We diffuse a relaxing blend of essential oils to eliminate the typical dental office smell
  • We emphasize oral disease and decay prevention during your appointment, to limit the need for expensive dental work
  • We educate you on the link between your oral health and general well-being so you can take care of your overall health
  • If requested we offer alternatives to fluoride
  • We offer Friday appointments, and one Saturday each month is open to clients who need a weekend visit