Local Project for Children’s Dental Education

Recently, I decided to visit the Stevensville Garden Center to view their beautiful Christmas display.  I was delightfully surprised to make the acquaintance of Laura Schneider, the author of ” Baby Tooth Visits The Dentist.”   Laura, her son Lyle and her husband Dr. Schneider set a goal to create a book to help prepare little people to visit the dental office and teach them how to care for their teeth in superhero adventure style storybook.  Introducing little people to the dental office environment can be exciting and fearful for children.   I am always interested in learning more about how to create a successful and comfortable visit for little people who come into the office.

I wanted to share with you the premise behind ” Baby Tooth Visits The Dentist” and how I feel this book can be a valuable resource to introduce your children, grandchildren or any other little people in your life to the ins and outs of the dental office and good oral health practices.

Beautifully illustrated, with action-packed colors and concepts to captivate the interest of little people, the Adventures of Dent Strong include characters such as BT (or baby tooth), and his little sister Primary (as in primary dentition).  The big bad Bacillus Brothers who live in the cavity cave are the villains of the story.  Many of you may know the lactobacillus pathogen is one of the main bacteria that cause dental decay.  The book demonstrates recommended nutrition practices, good daily oral home care suggestions and offers a detailed description of what to expect at your dental appointment; Illustrations explain the chairside equipment that dental professionals use.  The book directs little people and their families to visit the website www.dentstrong.com for interactive adventures of Baby Tooth. We have included a clip of the movies at the bottom of this newsletter.  In the animated clip Baby tooth interviews the president of the Ontario Dental Association.  The book has been reviewed by a psychologist for best practice techniques to educate little people.

Baby Tooth Visits The Dentist is a ” guide for parents, teachers and health professionals.  This book can be read and enjoyed in its entirety, in sections or as individual pages. The dental checkup components of this book (pages 18-45) are comprised of 28 pages and provide an accurate step-by-step introduction and guide to a dental checkup”.

Endorsed by the Niagara Peninsula Dental Association, with the support of the Ontario Dental Association, the hardcover copy of “Baby Tooth Visits The Dentist” is well worth the $29.95 and is available on amazon.ca.

For those of you who would like to take a look at the book, there is a copy on-site at Heritage Dental Hygiene you can browse through.


Yours in oral health,


Amie Banting, RRDH