Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush – $220

Philips Diamond Clean black Philips Diamond Clean







Sonic technology – drives fluid between the teeth and along the gum-line for a powerful yet gentle clean.  Purchase your Diamond Clean electric toothbrush at Heritage Dental Hygiene and receive a 30-minute complimentary demonstration with one of our hygienists to make sure you are using the product correctly. We will also give you an additional 6 months of warranty –  that’s 2 1/ 2 years total!

Philips Kids Sonicare Electric Toothbrush – $55


Kids more than any other demographic should be using an electric toothbrush because in a child’s world, caring for their oral health is not a priority.  A child’s  dexterity is not developed as an adult’s, so reaching areas in the mouth that need cleaning may be difficult for them.  The Sonicare allows for easy yet efficient cleaning and is a great tool for transitioning kids into teeth cleaning. The new App engages kids and helps them learn about oral care through play.


Sonicare brush heads:

Philips Sonicare brush heads

  • 3 for $49
  • 1 for $17

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