Oral Systemic Link

Fact: bacterial conditions in the mouth can adversely affect the entire body.

New information about this “oral-systemic link” is changing the way dentists, doctors and patients view oral health. We know now that oral infections have a role in heart disease and stroke, diabetes, respiratory illness and pregnancy outcomes.

Physicians and dentists are aware that even mild oral infections can trigger adverse changes in other areas of the body. For example, oral bacteria with a certain genetic structure will invade the blood vessels to the heart and form clogging plaques. “Patients with moderate to severe periodontitis should be informed that there may be an increased risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease associated with periodontitis.” The American Journal of Cardiology (July 2009). This is a very important discovery.

Oral Health is the leading dental journal in Canada. The December 2010 issue focuses on oral-systemic health as the new treatment paradigm for dental professionals, and includes an article on the Oravital® System as well as an editorial entitled “A Healthy Mouth in a Healthy Body” (also repeated on the cover, in Latin).

Clearly the mouth is the “gateway” to the rest of the body. This means that anyone with an oral infection – eg bleeding gums, halitosis, gum disease etc – is at a much higher risk for more serious problems involving the entire body. Therefore the best way to stay healthy is to control and eliminate oral infection with Oravital® treatment.

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Oral Microbiological Testing

Our dental hygiene office has been certified to dispense the Oravital® System; a powerful diagnostic and treatment protocol for oral infections including gingivitis (sensitive or bleeding gums), periodontitis (gum disease), and halitosis (chronic bad breath).

What is Oravital®?
The Oravital® System features comprehensive microbiology diagnostics and targeted, topical medication to rebalance oral bacteria that are in an infected state. Oravital® is patient-friendly, non-invasive, safe and very effective.

A healthy mouth for a healthy body
Oral infections, even when relatively mild, can affect the health of the whole body. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and create an immune response elsewhere in the body, elevating the risk of many serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia, and pregnancy complications.

Kids & oral infections
Did you know that bacteria responsible for oral infection are highly transferable? Studies show that if parents have an existing oral infection, it’s very likely that their children have or will have the same oral bacteria. Whenever you give your child a kiss or share a drink, you also share your bacteria. Testing kids early and treating with Oravital® when necessary will give them a better chance for a healthier future.

Average patient benefits within 2 weeks of starting Oravital® treatment:

  • 87% reduction in bleeding points (bleeding gums)
  • 76 – 84% reduction in periodontal pockets
  • 79% reduction in breath odour
  • Reduce oral-systemic risks
  • Control oral infections

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