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Teeth Whitening

How to determine which teeth whitening package is best for you?

There are many options available today to whiten and brighten your smile. A simple way to determine which package choice is best for you is to ask yourself how white would I like to see my teeth and how much time and effort am I prepared to maintain my white smile.

On a scale of 1 (white)- 16 (yellow/brown) how white are your teeth? As a generally rule the optimum white in- office session will improve the color of your teeth up to 8 shades and the gentle white in- office session will improve the color of your teeth up to 5 shades.

Adding on the custom tray application will allow you to continue to whiten your teeth and touch up your whitening at home as you need.

Still not sure? Schedule a whitening assessment appointment with one of our Registered Dental Hygienists to discuss you options.  The whitening assessment is $26.00!


zoompenPhilips Zoom Whitening Pen

The Zoom Whitening pen is an easy to use click-pen applicator and a great addition to a great smile care routine. It can be applied day or night, and just two applications a day will help keep your smile looking great!

Cost is $20.00


 In Office Teeth Whitening Session

This is an in office whitening procedure that takes between 30-45 minutes to complete. This is a great introductory treatment to teeth whitening. It is also the perfect in office whitening treatment if you just need to brighten your smile a few shades. It is ideal to have this treatment within 10 days of your Dental Hygiene debridement (cleaning) appointment in order to achieve the best results. Before and after photos will be taken to show you how well the shades of your teeth have improved. A special material is moulded onto the gums to protect them from irritation that could be caused by the whitening agents. If needed a medicament is applied to the teeth before beginning the procedure to remove decalcified spots and open up the structure of the teeth for better absorption of the agents. A 45% carbamide peroxide whitening agent is applied to your teeth for a selected amount of time based on the current shade of your teeth. A halogen light is used to increase the whitening action of the agents applied.. A de-sensitizing treatment is placed on your teeth after the procedure to prevent sensitive teeth. A reasonable expectation with gentle white in office session is that you will improve the color of your teeth up to 5 shades. The cost for this procedure is $179.00