What is That Machine You’re Using to Clean My Teeth?!

Dental ScalerWhen you come into the Dental Hygiene Clinic to have plaque, calculus and stain removed
from your teeth it is common for hand instruments to be used along with an ultrasonic scaler.
Ultrasonic scaling uses an electrical current that is transformed within the unit to produce movement
on a working tip.
At Heritage Dental Hygiene we are using piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling technology. In
order to convert electrical power to movement in the working tip the piezoelectric scaler uses
ceramic crystal vibrations. The vibratory motion of the crystals is transformed to the tip to produce
a linear movement at 25,000 to 50, 000 cycles per second. The piezoelectric working tip screws
into the end of the hand piece and is available in many angles depending on what the Dental
Hygienist is using the tip for. Due to the tip moving in a linear motion the side of the tip is used to
remove debris on the teeth instead of the actual tip. Very little heat is generated from the
piezoelectric tip which makes its use very comfortable for the client. Water reservoirs attach directly
to each machine and can be interchanged with either distilled water, pleasant flavorings, or
chlorahexadine depending on the individual clients needs.  The piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler at Heritage Dental Hygiene is from an company called Electro Medical Systems founded in Switzerland. The piezoelectric scaler has its own micro controller to ensure client comfort during Dental Hygiene treatment.