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A Few Thoughts On My Kindle PaperWhite

I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite through and I am so happy I did.

Here’s why,

1. I have an iPad but I found spending a long duration reading on it was drying out my eyes. The bright light at night was making my eyes sensitive. I wanted to read at night while my hubby was sleeping and not disturb him. The Kindle Paperwhite has an ink screen which is much easier on the eyes for long durations of reading. It is also very light and easy to hold. The backlight adjusts itself to the light of the room and did not disturb my husband.

2. I was easily able to carry it around with me and read while I was waiting at my appointments or at work.

3. I paid $139.00. Then it went on sale and amazon reimbursed me the difference. After reading the reviews I purchased the recommended case and I am glad that I did. The case is expensive for a case I believe it was about $40. The battery life lasts forever!

4. When I take a course with required reading I can save the reading in a PDF format by the author’s last name (so I could identify it on my Kindle). I can then email my kindle the document with the subject line containing the word convert. This would allow the document to be converted to Kindle format and sent wirelessly to my Kindle. Each Kindle comes with its own email address. When I opened up my Kindle the reading was there ready for me!

5. While I was reading I can easily highlight a section of the reading. I could get a definition of a word. With a WIFI connection, I could access Wikipedia for more information. I did not have a chance to play the keywords in the journal, word game but it is there as an option.

6. Once you highlight a section of the journal you can then add a note. I would add some thoughts that I wanted to address in the forum discussion.

7. I have only had a chance to do this once but you can plug the kindle into your computer and pull all of your highlighted sections of the journal with your personal notes from a journal into a document.

8. I was able to create folders on the kindle and organize the reading by session week. I plan to do this in advance for the next course I take.

9. I have found that required textbooks can be purchased for the kindle! They are less expensive and I like the portability and being able to make notes as I read.

There are many more things that you can do with the Kindle Paperwhite. I hope you found my thoughts on this helpful!

Amie Banting RRDH

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