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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey #10 July 28, 2015

Getting ready for chemotherapy school

Today I was scheduled to be at the Walker Family Cancer Centre at 10:00am for a class on cancer and chemotherapy.  I was instructed to bring along my chemotherapy buddy.  Mom and I had an early breakfast and headed to the Walker Centre.   Physically I feel good, I almost feel like I could go back to work.  I am anxious about beginning this new chapter.  How will I feel?

Once we arrived and registered we were directed to a classroom.  I felt like I was back at dental hygiene school.  Coffee and tea was offered to us.   All persons were given a comprehensive binder and many additional papers to add to our binder custom to our treatment.  There was an overhead projector and three speakers who would review the contents of the binder with us.  My mom had pens, highlighters, notepads and readers ready to mark down every word spoken.  Each speaker had something valuable to offer.  A minister spoke about all the social services offered to cancer patients which include social work, diet counselling, financial counselling and support groups.  Next we listed to an oncology nurse cover all the nitty gritty details about cancer and chemotherapy.  The do’s and don’t were reviewed.  I did not realize that I will have to stay away from the sun because I could easily burn during chemotherapy.  Support phone numbers were provided to us for after hours care.  The last speaker was from the Canadian Cancer Society.  During her talk she discussed chemotherapy and hair loss. One of the most difficult aspects about cancer is dealing with hair loss as a result of chemotherapy.  This thought has occurred to me.  The Canadian Cancer Society offers wigs and hats for patients going through chemotherapy.  Do I see a bright red head in my future?

The orientation lasted about an hour and a half.  It included a tour of the chemotherapy suite.  I was focused on a big beautiful gong.  Once a patient completes there last chemotherapy treatment they are entitled to hit the gong.  How rewarding would that be?  I can’t wait to hit the gong.

– Amie Banting

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