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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey #13 August 4, 2015

I feel very rough. I did not vomit however I found there could be worse feelings then vomiting.  My family feels that I am doing very well. Thursday after I finished my sandwich the effects of chemotherapy hit me.  I laid on the couch, I was achy and had a headache.  This lasted until the late evening.  Friday I was able to get up, bath and visit with company.  Saturday was not a great day at all.  I was on the couch.  The CCAC nurse came by the house and injected me with a growth hormone to boost my white blood cells and clean my PICC line.  After that I did not do much but rest.  I am drinking a ton of water.  In fact  my mom called the blue water jug service to have our order increased.  I am eating.  In the past I have been a very healthy eater.  Its been organic this and that.  I can actually say that I had half a bag of salt and vinegar chips for breakfast.  I have been eating a fair amount of jello and oatmeal. Things don’t taste right.  My mouth is sore.  The teeth and gums were so sensitive I could not brush my teeth.  I used a mixture of salt water to rinse with.  Sunday I felt good.  My mom helped me have a bath and prepare for a visit from family.  I really enjoyed the visit.  I had a good nights sleep.  Monday yuck not good.  Back on the couch with no bath today! Oh boy.  Today I am still rough. I can’t look at a computer screen or my phone. The CCAC nurse came by today because my PICC line was leaking blood.  I am so tired to quote a friend “you could not pay me a million dollars to walk to the end of my driveway”. I have very achy bones.  The bed and couch feel very hard.  Paul went to the Brick and ordered me a new chair that he will pick up tomorrow.  I can’t wait.  I am dreaming about my new chair.  Hopefully I can rest in the common area of the house with my new chair so I can be with everyone.

Today my mom set up a lounge in the shade on our patio for me to sit in and drink fluids.  I attached a picture.  It has been hard on my mom and Paul to watch me go through this.   I hope to feel better soon.

– Amie Banting

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