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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey #18 August 16, 2015

Me and my faithful companion Oscar

By now I have been told by many Doctors, Nurses and friends who have walked down the chemotherapy journey that it “effects everyone differently”.  This is true.  Round 1 was very difficult for me to handle.  Round 2 is more like a heavy 7 day flu without the vomiting. I have a very cloudy head or “chemo brain”.  I have heavy  body aches that my sponge and chair help relieve. I have dizziness, nausea and  I feel very disoriented. I have extreme tiredness.  It takes all my energy to sit upright and eat.  As predicted the rest of my hair is falling out.  I see the evidence in the bath. I am eating and eating, every 2-3 hours.  I crave some sort of carbohydrate.  Eating seems to relieve the nausea along with the anti-nausea medication.

Yesterday I managed a walk with Paul to the end of my street in my PJ’s.  The neighbours were cheering me on.  I did not care that I was in my PJ’s. It felt good to walk.  I drink on average 3-5 litres of  room temperature water a day to flush, flush, flush. I have been adding some white cranberry juice to the water to help it go down easier.  My mouth tastes like metal and I can only handle certain flavours. My mom helped me into the car to head to the market to satisfy my craving for fresh peaches and pick up a Globe and Mail paper.  I find it difficult to look at technical devices and TV.  I am able to read the old fashioned print.  This helps to keep my mind working and relieve any mental frustrations I have.  Our outing resulted in the Globe and Mail being out of stock, so I settled for the Saturday Star.  Mom came back to the car and reported the paper is up to $4.50.  I am still shocked by the rate of inflation.  I thought the paper was still 50 cents. I am up during the night to eat and  drink fluids.  I also write with a notepaper and pen.  I can’t stress enough how much and how often I have to eat. It is difficult to decide what I want to eat because the medications have disrupted my mind to taste connection, from my stomach.  For some reason I thought people going through chemotherapy don’t eat and loose weight.  It is the opposite.  My cat Oscar joins me by my side and benefits from a treat or two. I figure I have another 2-3 days before I start to feel like myself again.  I wait and let the time pass.

– Amie Banting

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