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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey #22 September 10, 2015

Round 4 was the second hardest round I have experienced. I feel as though round 1 and round 4 of my chemotherapy have been harder then my surgery. A change was made to the injections that I am given after chemotherapy. I am now going to have a one a day injection for eight days after my chemotherapy of neupogen. This drug works to build up my bone cells and immune system after chemotherapy. A nurse comes to my house one time during the day to check on me, and give me the injection of neupogen for eight days after my chemotherapy.  It took me 12 days to recover from this round. Thankfully it is my last round of the A/C dense dose chemotherapy drug. I felt terrible. I was in bed the majority of the day for twelve days. I just started to feel better and I had to prepare for round 5 of chemotherapy. After this round I found myself wondering how much more I could handle.

- Amie Banting

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