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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey #3 June 19, 2015

I woke up in recovery and I was comforted by a nurse who happened to be a  travel buddy of my moms.  This was great.  I was groggy but comfortable.  I was asked some questions and wheeled up to my room.  I woke up in my hospital room with my mom and Paul beside me at about 6:30pm.  My brother Adam and Aunt Joyce were at the end of my bed.  They all look relieved.  My brother holds me responsible for my actions and wishes he could have videotaped me because I apparently proceeded to run my mouth off for a few minutes.  My family was taken back as this was out of character for me.  Something about me insulting how Paul cooks chicken and a few other things that must have been floating around in my mind.  Bygones be bygones they quickly left Paul with me so I could have some rest.  I woke up around 10:00pm with Paul staring intently at me.  I was on a morphine drip and did not feel anything.  I had another wonderful nurse for the first night after my surgery.  She made the whole experience much more comfortable for me.  I really wanted to brush my teeth so they gave me these little sponges on s stick to clean my mouth.  I felt like a new women.  I recall sometime around midnight it was time to get up and use the bathroom.  I felt weak but I did it and what an accomplishment.  I quickly learned that the physical goals I had for my body were going to change.

What did I feel?  I felt a tight bandage around my chest and I felt like something fairly heavy was sitting on my chest.  During the surgery most of the nerve endings are severed so you really don’t feel very much.  This is probably a blessing.

- Amie Banting

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