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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey #5 June 21, 2015

Amie and Paul

My mom took the night shift last night. Paul set up a blow up bed in the living room for her and I was on the lazyboy.  I was strategically placed amongst many pillows to support my upper body.  It is a good thing I can sleep on my back and partially upright.  At this point being slightly upright is most comfortable.  The best pillow I found was a yoga bolster pillow.  This was able to support my back and my left arm.  My mom woke me up about every 21/2 hours to give me pain medication and something to drink.  I really did not want to wake up but I knew it was best to take my pain medication.  I came home from the hospital with two drains coming out of either side of my upper body.  This is to drain out fluid.  Paul and my Aunt Joyce were nominated to empty and monitor my drains.  Paul and I attempted a sponge shower today.  I included a picture of me all cleaned up!  Paul came up with the camouflage pouch to hold and store my drains in so I could easily get around. I thought it was pretty clever.  I am eating and drinking well.  I feel tight around my chest and have limited movement of my arms.  I am not in pain thanks to the pain medication.

- Amie Banting

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