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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey #6 June 22,2015

Thanks for the beautiful flowers and fruit!

It’s day three after my surgery.  I feel like I am doing better then I every thought I would.  I am still taking my pain medication about every three hours.  I am walking around the kitchen carefully doing laps.  Yesterday afternoon a kind hearted nurse friend came by the house to change my bandages.  I have not looked yet.  This was a relief as my bandages were starting to feel tight.  Once they were removed and replaced I felt I had more breathing room.  I am still using the bolster pillow to support myself while I sit upright.

There were special deliveries to the house today flowers and fruit.   My husbands employer sent an edible arrangement just in time.  I ate pretty much the whole arrangement!  Thank you!  My moms friends sent beautiful flowers to cheer me up along with Dr. Bergen and the gang.  Paul stopped by the office and picked up some cards for me and I was able to sit and read them.  It really made my day to read everyone’s words.  The support of others during this time has driven me to keep moving forward.

– Amie Banting

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