Guided Biofilm Therapy With EMS AirFlow Piezon Master

Guided Biofilm Therapy is the latest buzz concept in removing hard and soft deposits from the oral cavity. I reviewed the EMS company website to verse myself in the upgraded technology. I wanted to see what the Air Flow Master Prophylaxisis could offer to my clients. I decided to schedule Patrick Brooks the HuFriedy sales representative this past August 2019 to come down to my practice with the Air Flow Master Prophylaxis to see what Stacey (an RDH in my office) and I thought about how the technology would work in our hands.

Patrick arrived on our lunch hour along with my Sinclair Dental Representative John Lochead to demonstrate the Air Flow to us. Patrick brought the unit in with a portable compressor just in case my dental chairs did not have a ¾ female air connection to connect to the machine. The unit has a self-contained independent water supply. We used distilled water in the two 500ml reservoirs. Patrick set up the machine and calibrated the Air-Flow Plus powder for us to use. Patrick brought a typodont model with artificial calculus for us to practice on. We used the Air Flow supra handpiece and practiced. The foot pedal is wireless. This is a nice feature that we liked. Once the unit is turned on a button is pressed to pressurize the powder chamber. The pressurization step is good looking, clean and screams professional and technical. I used the Air Flow supra handpiece along the distal buccal of Quad 3 on the typodont. I walked the handpiece along the gumline at a 45-degree angle creating almost smiley-faced strokes along the gumline. The typodont did not bleed. I used high volume suction which is recommended and needed. For the purpose of the in-office demonstration, I was wearing PPE, a regular class 4 mask with dental loupes.

The Air Flow has the option of a gorgeous stand to hold the unit. The stand allows for an extra water reservoir. This is needed if you are considering purchasing the unit. The stand also helps conceal the cords that connect the unit for easy infection control practices.

The Air Flow supra handpiece is light and easy to use. The piezo handpiece has a bright illuminated light that provides the clinician with good illumination. Due to time constraints, we did not get to try the unit on each other so I am left wondering how the Air Flow feels on the receiving end.

The Air Flow One starting price is around $12,800.00 and the Air Flow Prophlyaxis Master is around $16, 500.00. The unit requires up to three handpieces per client. Depending on how many clients you treat each day and taking into account sterilization you will need multiple sets of the three handpieces and tips. The Air Flow handpiece is about $500.00, the Piezon LED Handpiece is about $1445.00 and the Perio Flow handpiece is about $500.00. The Perio Flow handpiece requires a plastic disposable tip to use this tip is an additional cost per client. The Piezon tips (there is a selection) range from $170.00- $270.00. There is an implant cleaning tip that fits on the Piezon LED Handpiece.

If you want to learn more about the Air-Flow Prophylaxis Master here are a few resources that I recommend.

1. Visit the EMS website to learn about the unit and all it can do

2. Visit Dr. Peter Fritz’s website to review his studies on the recommend protocols for implementing guided biofilm therapy.

3. Contact Patrick Brooks the HuFriedy Sales Representative at or give him a call at 905-466-6330

4. Contact your sales representative at your dental supply company for more information and pricing on the unit. I use Blake Lochead at Sinclair Dental.

5. Check back with my Blog on incorporating the Air Flow Master Piezon into my practice.

Amie Banting RRDH

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