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Curaprox CS 5460 ultra soft Manual Toothbrush


Although I am a big recommender of electric toothbrushing I love this ultra soft manual toothbrush.  It is such a fun, modern manual toothbrush. 


This manual toothbrush features 5,460 CUREN® ultra-soft bristles for the adult size mouth.  However if you have a small adult size mouth I recommed the Curaprox CS Smart ultra soft it has a smaller brush head and is also the ideal for the young adult. 

This manual toothbrush offers optimal, gentle teeth cleaning.


The toothbrush comes in a plastic cello wrapper with a product information sheet. The colors vary and are bright and fun. If you have a color preference list it in the notes section at checkout and I will do my best to select your brush with your preferred color. 


This brush comes with a plastic cap to keep your bristles free of bathroom contaminates. Use this brush at least twice a day for about 3 minutes to clean your teeth.  Use this brush after using the Curaprox prime plus interdental cleaning brush between your teeth. 


Replace this toothbrush every 3- months with a new one for optimal oral care!


Curaprox CS 5460 ultra soft Manual Toothbrush

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