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Teeth Whitening

Custom Teeth Whitening Trays

Custom teeth whitening trays are made for you to use conveniently at home to whiten your teeth. This procedure requires three in-office appointments. This treatment is most effective after dental hygiene debridement (cleaning) has been completed.

The first appointment is a shade analysis is taken of your teeth and your desired shade goals are discussed. A dental impression is taken of your teeth and sent to our lab to fabricate your custom trays.

A second appointment is needed to fit your new trays and review with you the product instructions. Directions for use vary depending upon the original shade of your teeth.

A third appointment is to evaluate the improvement in the shade of your teeth and discuss a customized maintenance schedule to keep your teeth their whitest!

Please see the Shop Scheduled Pick Up section on our website to view the whitening gel kits that are in stock for purchase.  


The total cost for this treatment including the 3 appointments and materials is $150 + Whitening Product Kit (The price for the whitening gel kits can vary between $25.00-$95.00) = Budget for around $200.00 (Taxes included).

Chairside In-Office Teeth Whitening Session










GLO Science Professional Chairside Whitening is a procedure designed to lighten the color of my teeth by using GLO Science Professional Strength Whitening Gel in conjunction with a specific GLO Science Professional Mouthpiece and Control. 

The GLO Chairside System uses the mouthpiece to directly apply heat and light to the GLO Professional Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel, creating a closed sealed system. The closed system prevents whitening oxygens from escaping the teeth, resulting in both maximum efficacy and greatly decreased sensitivity in the shortest amount of possible time.

The cost is $349.00 per session

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