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Schedule Your Appointment 

A few More  Tips For Using Our Online Schedule System


Our online booking system shows appointment availability in real-time.

This means if someone were to cancel an appointment it will open up on our schedule, so check back often if you are looking for a  particular date and time. 


You will receive a booking confirmation when your appointment is scheduled in our system. 


If you don’t receive a booking confirmation you may have missed a step.

Instructions For Booking Online



  1. Select the service appointment you are looking to book like a Registered Dental Hygiene appointment from the grey drop-down menu on the right-hand side. 

  2. Select the green button on the right that applies to you. Are a new client to our practice or an existing client of our practice?

  3. Use the green button on the right to select the practitioner you are booking your appointment with.

  4. You will see a monthly calendar at the top of the page. Choose the month that you are looking to schedule your appointment. 

  5. Take a look around and consult your schedule to find the appointment that works with your schedule. 

  6. Once you have selected the appointment date and time, type your details into the form.  We require your address, email, phone number etc. This allows our system to synchronize your details with your client account already registered with our practice. If you are a new client we require this information before we can treat you.

  7. Check the box for your personal computer to remember you. If you are using a public computer don’t check this box. 

  8. Very Important! Click the green box BOOK APPOINTMENT. When you have successfully booked your appointment you will see this message. 


















When you have successfully booked your appointment you will receive a text confirmation and an email confirmation!


Thank you for using our online booking system! We look forward to seeing you!

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