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A Dental Hygiene Learning Weekend

This weekend I am learning and reviewing to stay current. What are you up to?

Here is what I am studying.

EMS a super innovative dental company located in Nyon, Switzerland hosted a 24-hour webinar last weekend with great information and evidence-based learning. I spent a good part of today reviewing the content that was presented. I have been using EMS piezo “teeth cleaning” technology since I opened up my little office back in 2008.

This past year the piezo and airflow technology is gaining attention in the periodontal community for the positive results the evidence is demonstrating in removing the biofilm from the oral cavity. As a dental hygiene practice owner, I decided to buckle down and learn about the new technology so I can offer my clients the most current biofilm removal system in my practice.

It is a pleasure to work with EMS equipment and see the great results in the health of my client’s gums!


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