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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey # 27 November 5, 2015

Today after 16 weeks of adjuvant chemotherapy, I completed my last infusion “Round 8”. My journey was long and hard, it presented me with many physical and mental tests. This is a journey that you cannot take on your own. I am forever grateful to my two primary General Physicians’. They insisted on comprehensive diagnostic testing and follow up on what appeared as a “normal” pea size bump on an otherwise healthy 35 year old. Without their diligent monitoring my tumour could have been left and forgotten until I presented with more advanced symptoms. I am Thankful to the Surgeons, Oncologist, and Nurses who cared for me. Thank you to my immediate family for the daily care they provided to me. Thanks to the team at my office for keeping the doors open and taking care of our clients. Thanks to my caring supportive friends and clients, I needed your inspiration and good thoughts. Inside the Chemotherapy Suite at the Walker Family Cancer Centre once you complete your treatment you are given the privilege of hitting the “gong”. I was patient number 1130 to hit the gong. I wanted to share a short video with you of me hitting the gong and putting this journey behind me. I feel happy, grateful and relieved!

- Amie Banting

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