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Curaprox Prime Plus Swiss Premium Oral Care Starter Pack


Not sure which interdental brush size to start with for your teeth? 


Then this is the right starter kit for you.  Curaprox's standard line is called prime plus.  This prime plus kit gives you 1 brush handle and 5 brushes each a different size so you can find out which size works best  in your mouth.  


With this interdental starter brush kit you will receive all 5 brushes each  a different size.  All you have to do is exchange the brush tip on the handle and place between your teeth to find your size.  


For the best results at determining which size brush head your it is recommended that your dental professional likely your dental hygienist fit the brush size to the space between your teeth so you know exactly which brush size to purchase. This an be done by requesting an oral hygiene instruction code at your next dental hygiene treatment appointment. The dental professional will use a color probe to place between your teeth that will indicate which color brush is best for you.  If that is not possible right now and you really want to get started cleaning between your teeth I suggest you purchase this starter kit and mix and match the brushes on the handle to find the best fit for between your teeth.  


The brush tips click into the handle. The smallest color is blue 0.6mm, then red (0.7mm), pink (0.8mm), yellow (0.9mm) and green (1.1mm) is the largest brush diameter in the prime plus collection. 


As the brush diameter increase so the does the length of the bristle so you are able to place the brush between your teeth all the way though to the other size to clean back and forth.  


Place the interdental brush gently between your teeth it may feel sensitive at first and it will likely bleed due to the biofilm in your mouth especially if you have not being cleanin efficiently between your teeth.  Genlty move the brush back and forth, in and out several time to clean the space.  Here is a tip - dip your brush first into your favourite mouthwash then place between your teeth. 


If you aren't using an interdental cleaning brush you are leaving about  30% of harmful bacteria in your mouth.  


After purchasing this starter kit you will then find the brush that fits the best in your mouth and you can simply purchase refills in the color that you need.  Each brush replacement lasts about 10 days used twice daily.  Dip into mouthwash to disinfect your brush or household vinigar after use.  It is imporant to disinfect your brush as periodontal disease is a communicable, sexually transmitted disesae that can be passed to family members or loved ones. 

Curaprox Prime Plus Starter Kit

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