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Teeth Polishing



Teeth polish is a procedure that is completed after you have teeth cleaning or scaling. The hard and soft deposits are first removed from your teeth with the piezoelectric scaler or hand scalers.


This procedure is not scheduled on its own. The polish is an add on treatment for after you have your teeth cleaned. 


At Heritage Dental Hygiene, we have to methods to polish your teeth.


One is with our Air Flow Prophylaxis Master unit and a polish powder.  Or the alternative a slow hand-piece and a rubber cup to remove the stain and thin layer of plaque that are on your teeth. 


You can choose a flavor of your choice mint or cherry. 


Our Dental Hygienists choose the consistency of the polish paste from fine to medium grit depending on the stain on your teeth.


For our clients with sensitive teeth, we offer the Sensodyne brand polish paste in mint flavor. Both of these brands of polish paste have fluoride as an ingredient.


We offer polish paste that is fluoride free.  Just let us know that you choose to be fluoride free!



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