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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey #15 August 9, 2015

Yesterday Paul went to the store to purchase me a twin size piece of foam.  I  have been dreaming about this foam for a few days now.  I was hesitant to mention it to my mom or Paul thinking do I really need a piece of foam?  After Fridays nights continued bone aches I decided to speak up and request the plushest piece of foam that could be found. Paul delivered.  Fabricated from apparent recycled organic bamboo material I unpacked my foam and placed it on my side of the bed.  My foam has an egg carton pattern to it which is perfect to ease my own body weight off my bones to give me some relief.  I climbed onto my foam and snuggled into it to feel instant relief.  My faithful cat companion Oscar immediately appeared to assess the new foam and decided how it affected him.  The foam left me at least six inches higher then Paul but who cares.  Oscar eventually found his way into his usually position right along my side although slightly angled from the foam he seemed to adjust.  I felt like I had the most restful nights sleep since my initial surgery at the end of June.  As I gear up for round two of chemotherapy this Thursday I hope my new foam will pull through and give me continued relief.  My new piece of foam is just about as exciting as my new chair.  I attached a photo of my new foam so you can see it.

The house was up early this morning both my mom and Paul are taking the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors today.  Paul was heading to the farm and mom was off to yoga class.  I on the other hand have to stay out of the sun.  My understanding is that one of the side effects from the  chemotherapy medication that I am taking is that I was sunburn easily.  I find myself both mentally and physically nesting around the house.  Now that I have completed the first round of chemotherapy I have an idea of what to expect.  This has motivated me on some level to want to complete every possible task that I ever wanted to do out of sheer fear that I will be chair bound for another full week.  My mom was out for a visit last night with her dear friend and I was blessed this morning with fresh vegetables from her garden.  I attached a picture of my first breakfast of the day.  Fresh tomatoes, spinach, kale, two eggs, blueberries, avocado and my trusty water.  I am thrilled to be back to my usual eating habits although I did have three bits of doughnut. The steroids are still resulting in me eating more then a teenage boy.  Tomorrow will be three days before the start of round 2 chemotherapy so I will have to begin my heavy water, food and juicing regime.  I can hardly stomach the though of gearing up for another round but when I think about all the ladies who have accomplished this before me and my wonderful family I am reminded that I just can not take a chance with my life and I have to do this!

– Amie Banting

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