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Amie's Breast Cancer Journey #17 August 13, 2015

My Appointment at the Walker Family Cancer Centre was scheduled for 10:30am today. Once I arrive at the clinic to register I am required to complete a 10 question survey about how I feel.  This survey is to be completed every visit on a hospital provided computer.  Once I completed the survey I was weighed.  My mom is thrilled I gained 5 pounds.  My blood pressure was taken and it is no longer low but in the normal range more good news. Today I met with a guest Oncologist. The Oncologist reports that my blood work has come back “all good”. I am then asked “if I would like to proceed with todays chemotherapy treatment”?. After last round this is a loaded question but I give my consent to proceed anyway. The nurse and Oncologist gave me helpful suggestions to apply to round 2 which include light walking or exercise.  Even though I may not feel like it they assure me that light walking or exercise will help with the side effects of chemotherapy.  A new way to bandage my PICC line was also discussed.  My PICC line makes it difficult to shower and lift anything over a few pounds. I was also leaking fluid from my PICC line.  I am satisfied with the suggestions and ready to tackle round 2.

Today in the chemo suite I was offered my usual chair by the window.  The nurse began my fluid IV, checked my name three times and presented my chemotherapy medication.  Before any  chemotherapy medication is administered it is checked and signed off by two nurses. This is to ensure that the dose and medication is correct.  Once  approved my chemotherapy is administered.  And we”re off! Round 2! Let’s see what side effects this brings along.

– Amie Banting

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