Oravital CDLx Mouthwash 1L Mint


Oravital offers a sodium chlorite mouth rinse containing 3.1% xylitol, which has been successfully used in many of our Oravital Certified clinics.


Sodium chlorite or stabilized chlorine dioxide products are oxidizing agents that reduce the numbers of anaerobic bacteria and neutralize volatile sulphur compounds. Natural sweetener xylitol interferes with the growth and reproduction of many carbohydrate – based bacteria including streptococcus mutans. Acidified sodium chlorite mouth rinses have been shown to have significant reductions in bacterial counts that can last up to 7 hours (Fernances – Naglik L et al. Oral Diseases 2001 Sept : 7 (5): 276-80). CDLx is recommended for patients who need to control periodontal disease, breath odour and decay.


Directions for use


1. After completing your recommended oral home care routine specific to your oral needs administer 15ml of the CDLx rinse into a cup.


2. Swish the rinse vigoursly in your mouth paying attention to cover all areas in your mouth including the tongue, cheeks and in-between the teeth.


3. Discard the rinse into the sink.


4. Don’t rinse with water after using the CDLx rinse this can reduce the efficacy of the rinse.


5. Avoid food and drink for one hour after using the CDLx rinse.


6. For the best results use this rinse before bed.

CDLx Mouthwash 1L Mint


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