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Dental Insurance Information 

Q & A

Q. Does Heritage Dental Hygiene accept dental insurance? 

A. Heritage Dental Hygiene is a fee for service office.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and debit transactions at the time of your appointment. The services that I provide are covered under your dental insurance plan.  I can assist you in submitting a  claim to your dental insurance plan.  Alternatively, you can submit your dental insurance claim yourself by using your dental insurance companies APP. 
If you have dental insurance and need assistance submitting a claim, please bring your dental insurance plan information with you to your appointment.  My office will complete the paperwork required by your dental insurance company and ask you to sign your dental insurance form and mail it to your dental insurance company.  Your dental insurance company will reimburse you directly. Please note when my office submits your insurance claim for you it takes longer for you to be reimbursed.  If you submit your claim directly yourself you will receive a payment within 72 hours. 
Most of our clients prefer to download their dental insurance company’s App. These clients have created a username and password and can log in and submit their dental insurance claim online. The benefit of this feature is that your dental insurance company will reimburse you within 72 hours of your online submission, directly into your bank account. Your dental insurance plan is an agreement between you and your dental insurance company, and the dental insurance company prefers to keep it that way. The App allows you to benefit from faster processing and reimbursement of your dental claims. We are happy to assist you with the process, therefore, we have an insurance company App installed iPad to allow you to process your claim before you leave our office! 


Q. I don’t have insurance, do you offer payment plans?


A. If you do not have dental insurance, the fee for service is due at the time of your treatment. If you require a payment plan, please speak with me and I will assist you with alternatives.


Q. Is there a different price for clients with dental insurance and clients who don’t have dental insurance?


A. No. That’s the straight-up answer. It is not fair to the clients who pay for private insurance out of their pocket and their employers who pay for them to have dental insurance to discriminate by charging them more or differently because they have dental insurance. A friend of a friend may know an office that does charge a different price for clients who don’t have dental insurance, and last time we checked the rules, that was not allowed by our regulated colleges. I prefer to treat all of my clients equally, whether they have dental insurance or not, I follow the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario’s current fee schedule.


Q. I have partial dental insurance. Will you bill my dental insurance company and waive the remaining balance that was not covered?


A. No. The last time I checked with my regulatory college, forgiving co-payments, or the remaining balance, was not allowed. Simply said, to play by the rules, you are responsible for paying the difference that your dental insurance company did not pay.


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