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Your First Visit To Our Office

There are many medical conditions and medications that may affect dental hygiene treatment. 


Please bring a full written list of the medications, supplements, and vitamins you are taking to your appointment. In your list, include the dose you are taking for each medication, as well as how often you are taking the medication.


Please let our office know before you come if you need antibiotic premedication before having your teeth cleaned for conditions such as a heart murmur, knee replacement, or hip replacement.  


Please have ready the first and last name of any and all health care providers that you are under the care of.  This includes medical doctors, medical specialists, dentists and physiotherapists. Please be able to tell us when your last appointments were with these providers and how often you see them. 


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to allow for a stress-reduced appointment. Arriving late can affect the amount of time your Dental Hygienist has to spend with you. Arriving on time and then having to fill out health forms will consume valuable clinical treatment time. 


New clients are required to complete a health history form and privacy act consent agreement form. 


If you are an existing client of ours, and it has been a while since you have been in to see us we need to document any health changes that you may have so we can stay current about your health. 


Your dental hygienist is required to take your blood pressure prior to proceeding with your appointment.


If you wear an intra-oral appliance, such as a denture, retainer or a night guard, please bring them to your appointment so we can clean and check them.


    I look forward to meeting you!


New clients are always welcome!



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