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Dental Hygiene Teeth Cleaning



Q. What type of machine are you are using to clean my teeth?

A. I am thrilled to be able to offer you the latest dental teeth cleaning equipment called the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master unit. This machine uses distilled water powder specialized handpieces to remove the biofilm in your mouth. 


Here is more information on the various teeth cleaning options that the EMS Air Flow Prophylaxis Master unit can offer you.

Dental Piezon Cleaning







I use piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling technology made by EMS, a company based out of Europe. To convert electrical power to move in the working tip, the piezoelectric scaler uses ceramic crystal vibrations. The vibratory motions of the crystals are transformed to the tip of the instrument to produce a linear movement at 32, 000 cycles per second. The piezoelectric working tip screws into the end of the hand-piece, and are available in many angles depending on where the dental hygienist is using the tip. Because of the tip moving in a linear motion, the side of the tip is used to remove debris on the teeth instead of the actual tip. Very little heat is generated from the piezoelectric tip which makes its use very comfortable for the client. Less water comes out of the tip to reduce the feeling of drowning during dental hygiene treatment. Water reservoirs attach directly to each machine and can be interchanged with distilled water or mouthwash, depending on the client’s needs.


The piezoelectric scaler has a micro-controller to ensure client comfort during dental hygiene treatment. The piezoelectric system comes with a series of specialized tips for clients with periodontal disease, implants, veneers, crowns, and bridges.









One of the tips has a plastic PEEK coating on it, so it does not scratch your expensive dental work like dental implants.







Dental Air Flow Cleaning 


I have the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master unit. I am thrilled to be able to offer you the latest dental teeth cleaning equipment. This machine uses distilled water powder specialized handpieces to remove the biofilm in your mouth.  At your appointment, I will update your medical health history form to make sure there are no contraindications to having the Air Flow machine used during your appointment. I will apply a disclosing solution to your teeth to dye the stain and biofilm in your mouth a pink color so it's easily identified. I will then demonstrate to you where the biofilm is found on your teeth and offer you suggestions and motivational techniques to be able to apply at home to reduce the biofilm in your mouth with your oral home hygiene practices. I will use the Air Flow to remove a visible biofilm on your teeth.








Dental Perio Flow Cleaning Dental Implants and Deep Periodontal Pockets






Once I have removed the visible biofilm on the surfaces of your teeth with the Air Flow machine I will use a specialized Perio Flow nozzle with a disposable tip on it to insert underneath your gum line to remove the biofilm subgingival in your deeper pockets or your dental implant. 



















Even though I am using a machine I may still need to pick up the traditional hand scalers to remove hard deposits on your teeth or I may use the Piezo scaler to remove the remaining deposits after I use the Air Flow machine.  To provide you with optimal cleaning I will use multiple techniques to clean your teeth.  Once I have finished cleaning your teeth I will check to make sure that I removed the majority of deposits in your mouth I will floss your teeth and offer you a napkin for your face and the mirror so you can take a look at your beautiful clean smile.  Based on my assessment findings of your mouth I will recommend a frequency schedule for you to return to my practice for your next teeth cleaning to keep your mouth healthy.





Here is a video courtesy of EMS Dental on how the PerioFlow Tip works to clean deep pockets. 
Here is a video demonstrating how the Piezo cleans teeth courtesy of EMS Dental
Here is a video of the AirFlow teeth cleaning treatment courtesy of EMS Dental
Here is a video Courtesy of EMS Dental showing dental implants being cleaned.

Here is a picture of the machine I use to clean your teeth called the  EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master unit

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Here is the link to the EMS Dental website where the above videos are found
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