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Oravital Oral Microbiological Testing Program






Periodontal disease is a common condition that may lead to tooth loss and can compromise your systemic health.  

 offer a saliva test to find out which bacteria, yeasts, and fungi are contributing to your periodontal disease. My dental hygiene office has been certified to dispense the Oravital® System; a powerful diagnostic and treatment protocol for oral infections including gingivitis (sensitive or bleeding gums), periodontitis (gum disease), and halitosis (chronic bad breath). 


I obtain a saliva sample of your teeth, tongue, and five deepest gum pockets from your mouth.  Your sample is sent to and processed by a specialized laboratory.  The lab analyzes your samples and sends a detailed report to me that identifies the type and amount of pathogens found in your mouth.  


I will review your results with you, and collaboratively we will make decisions on the best course of action to treat your periodontal disease.


What is Oravital®?

The Oravital® System features comprehensive microbiology diagnostics and targeted, topical medication to rebalance oral bacteria that are in an infected state. Oravital® is patient-friendly, non-invasive, safe and very effective.


Schedule your appointment today to become one step closer to a healthier mouth. 



Microscope in Laboratory
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