Gum Expanding Dental Floss


This is the perfect floss for reaching between your teeth to remove dental biofilm and food particles because the floss is thin to get between tight spaces but then it expands to fit the space between your teeth. 


Gum Expanding Dental Floss takes on a gauze like consistency to soak up and attach the biofilm between your teeth.  When you remove the floss from between the teeth the biofilm stays on the floss! The biofilm does not flick off and reattach between your teeth like other flosses.  


There is a light coating on the floss so it can slip into tight spaces but not enough of a coating that the biofilm won't adhere to the floss.  Heavily coated floss have trouble hanging on to the biofilm in your mouth.  This is why sometimes client are flossing every day but they still have moderate to high amounts of biofilm being left behing in there mouth causing bleeding gums. These clients are not using the right floss.  


There is 40m or 43.3 yds of floss in this package.  That is enough floss for you clean between your teeth every day for a month!


Gum Expanding Floss


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